14.09.2010 | Theater
Internationaler Erfolg: "Der Hässliche" von Marius von Mayenburg
MARIUS VON MAYENBURGS schwarze Komödie "Der Hässliche", mittlerweile in 23 Sprachen übersetzt, erobert gerade das australische Publikum. Die aktuelle Inszenierung der Melbourne Theatre Company (Regie Peter Evans) wurde von der Kritik durchweg positiv aufgenommen:

„The play has a lot to say about the loss of identity, uniform ideas about beauty and plastic surgeons who consider themselves artists. It is funny and beautifully written, with chilling concision, solid performances and tight direction. (…) This little masterpiece by Germany’s Marius von Mayenburg is a charming, disturbing and entertaining surprise.“ (Sunday Herald Sun)

„So here we have a short black comedy which focuses on our superficial society and our obsession of just how we look. (…) This play whilst exceedingly funny is also bleak in its suggestion of the shallow, ridiculous and narcissistic way so many live their lives today.“ (CR’s Curtain up)

„A black comedy about society’s obsession with appearance, this play is a savage as von Mayenburg’s other plays, but much funnier.“ (Stage)

„In an exemplary demonstration of the art of playwriting, Mayenburg cunningly exploits a simple theatrical idea - identically named characters played by the same actors - to explore the place of individuality in an increasingly homogenised society, and how our uniqueness plays into our idea of self. (…) This is contemporary theatre of the first water.“ (The Australian)

„Maja Zade’s translation from von Mayenburg’s German language script ensures that the often peculiar sense of comedy that the Germans are known for is funnelled into hilarity for English speakers alike.“ (theatrepeople.com)

Die englischsprachige Erstaufführung des Stückes fand im September 2007 am Royal Court Theatre in der Regie von Ramin Gray statt. Die stets ausverkaufte Produktion wurde in der darauffolgenden Spielzeit wieder aufgenommen:

„For all its humour and satire on beauty and the homogenisation of the human race, the play is also a deeply complex reflection on identity that sees four actors take on eight roles, switching between characters and scenes with surreally seamless fluidity.“ (The Independent)

„It is an existential nightmare about beauty and the precarious ego, a delectable black comedy envisaging a fearful future role for cosmetic surgery and a parabolic satire mocking our conviction that the good-looking have all the sex, power and happiness.“ (Evening Standard)
25.04.2019 | Theater | Premiere
"Peng" erobert Europa
Marius von Mayenburg in Reykjavík und Stavanger
"Peng" scheint einen europäischen Nerv zu treffen ... 

21.09.2018 | Theater
"They Write Darn Good Plays. They Direct Them, Too."
Yael Ronen und Marius von Mayenburg im Fokus der New York Times
"...a crop of brand new works by playwright-directors is lighting up stages in Berlin and Frankfurt,..." (NYTimes) 

12.05.2018 | Theater | Premiere
19. Mai URAUFFÜHRUNG am Schauspiel Frankfurt
MARS von Marius von Mayenburg
"Die Menschen sind glücklich heute, die Sonne wärmt sie, und die Wärme auf ihrer Haut erinnert sie daran, daß sie auch mal dazugehört haben, daß sie auch mal Teil davon waren, früher..." (aus MARS) 

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